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Five Fold Christian Church, Zambia

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I met George and Jenny Musandile in the summer of 2013. When I first shook hands with George at the airport in Lusaka, Zambia, I was stunned by his appearance. He was severely underweight from lack of adequate nutrition. His face was gaunt and thin and his body was skeletal in appearance. Jenny was also underweight. In addition, she was having problems with her vision, because she had broken her glasses and was unable to buy new ones.


George and Jenny currently reside in a rural part of Zambia, where they have recently planted a rapidly growing church. Jenny also runs a kindergarten for local children. Prior to re-locating to this rural area, George pastored five churches that he and Jenny planted in Lusaka, the capital city. Jenny, an inspiring praise and worship leader, held a well-paying job as a financial manager for a British corporation. In order to plant a much-needed church in rural Zambia, this dedicated pastor couple exchanged their comfortable city life for a primitive, two-room dwelling without electricity or plumbing, where their drinking water comes from a hand-dug well and their sometimes meager supply of food from their garden is prepared outdoors and cooked over an open fire. Due to a lack of resources, the couple was forced to leave their children in Lusaka, to be cared for by relatives. George and Jenny are highly educated teachers and spiritual leaders, who have offered themselves “as a living sacrifice to God” (Rom 12:1) in order to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to a primitive area, where witch doctors still practice black magic.


It is to assist in the provision of the basic needs of dedicated Christian ministers like George and Jenny Musandile that AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. was conceived and founded. Please help us to assist these deserving, self-sacrificing minsters of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Rev. Dr. Martin M. Davis)

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