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Jesus Christ in the Global South
Victory International Fellowship

Victory International Fellowship, pastored by Gordon Onyongo and his wife, Beatrice Nyawira, consists of four small churches near Nakuru, Kenya. Currently, the four churches have a combined membership of 123 (and growing!). While the meeting places for these churches are rudimentary and primitive by western standards, the Holy Spirit is pleased to dwell among these committed believers to glorify and inspire their worship with his presence.


Pastors Gordon and Beatrice, along with their fellow pastors Josephine Nyawira, Elisha Iddah, David Kagiri, Daniel Waswa and Moses Onjolo, have built up their churches largely through evangelistic street preaching in an impoverished area of Nakuru. As a regular part of their ministry, they bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the local dumpsite, where desperately poor women and orphans forage for food in order to survive. Victory International Fellowship seeks to feed and clothe widows and orphans in their community, but their outreach is severely limited due to a lack of resources.


In additon to his local ministry in Nakuru, Pastor Gordon travels regularly throughout Kenya, as well as parts of Uganda and Tanzania, teaching our training manual, "The Christian Doctrine of God," to pastors and church leaders. AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc, pays the travel costs for this work and provides the manual, free of charge, to pastors and church leaders. Pastor Gordon and teacher Lydia Muchemi have translated our manual into Kiswahili, the common language of east Africa.