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3J2 Bible Center & Ministries

Stephen and Sonia Villaester are energetic, dedicated ministers of Jesus Christ in Iligan City, the Republic of the Philippines, where they have founded and operate 3J2 Ministries & Bible College. This family ministry, which includes their son, “Sonny Boy,” plants churches, conducts youth ministries and produces a weekly radio program that is rapidly growing in popularity, as it brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the southern Philippines. Strong believers in education (and well-educated themselves), the Villaesters operate a small Bible College that trains preachers and evangelists to minister in the Global South.

stephen and sonya villaester

In addition, the Villaesters conduct a monthly “feeding program” that ministers to poor and destitute widows and orphans, who live in the city dump and survive by foraging through piles of garbage to find their daily food. Sonia routinely cooks as much as sixteen hours a day to prepare huge quantities of rice for those in severe hunger. Along with much needed food, the Villaesters bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those in desperate need of good news, teaching Bible lessons and discipleship to both children and adults at the dumpsite. (It is not unusual for the Villaester family to lack sufficient food for themselves because everything they have goes into their ministry). The Villaester family is also actively involved in interfaith dialog between Christians and Muslims in the Philippines. Learn more about this vital ministry by visiting their website at

The Villaesters need our assistance to enable them to continue the many ministries they bring to the southern Philippines. They especially need assistance for their feeding program, as well as for the continued operation of their much-needed radio program. AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. is pleased to serve this important family ministry.

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