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One Vision Ministries, Pakistan

ishtiaq masih
monica gill
najeeb ishtiaq evangelist

Senior Pastor Ishtiaq Masih

Evangelist Monica Najeeb

Evangelist Najeeb Ishtiaq


  • Planting “house churches” (in Pakistan Christian assembly is severely restricted)

  • Distribution of Bibles in Urdu (the local language)

  • Christian education for women (in a country where women are denied education)

  • Feeding programs and basic healthcare for widows and orphans

  • Evangelism and street preaching in poor, impoverished areas

  • Discipleship training to enable believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ

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AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. is privileged to support this family ministry, one that receives no assistance from mainline denominations or worldwide charities. Please help us to support One Vision Ministries as they work to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor of Pakistan. To learn more about One Vision Ministries, Pakistan, visit their website at

In Pakistan, the cost of faith and obedience to Jesus Christ is high. In a nation that is more than 98% Muslim, the small minority of Christians are treated as “second-class” citizens. Christians who refuse to convert to Islam are forced to pay a heavy tax and are denied many of the basic rights of citizenship. Christians who can find employment are socially stigmatized, as they are forced to work at menial and undesirable jobs, for example, in public sanitation. In rural areas, Christians must work on farms owned by Muslims to survive. The threat of physical persecution, including death, is a daily reality for Christians in Pakistan, where believers in Jesus Christ have recently been attacked and killed by Muslims as they gathered for Sunday services.


Ministering primarily to the poor, widows and orphans, One Vision Ministries works hard to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a nation lost in spiritual darkness. Their programs include:

Holy Mount Ministries, India

Holy Mount Ministries, Andhra Pradesh, South India, is a family ministry led by Pastor V. Param Jyothi and his wife Rebacca Jyothi. They are assisted in ministry by their daughters Rachel Jyothi and Haveela Jyothi. Also serving in this ministry are their son-in-law Pastor K. Ratna Babu (married to Rachel) and his parents K. David Babu and his wife Chitama.


This family ministry has founded and oversees several churches in South India. At their main church in Attuluru, they have 400 in attendance. The ministry’s broad vision includes church planting, street ministry, development of print and electronic media, schools (including a Bible college), orphanages and homes for the elderly, children’s ministry, clean water supply to villages, and ministry to Gipsy tribes.


Christians in India are coming under increased pressure with the recent national election of a president who wishes to return the nation to a "pure" Hindu state. Attacks on Christian churches are increasing with the rise of Hindu extremism. AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. seeks to aid this dedicated family ministry as they work both to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide much-needed material aid to the poorest of the poor in southeastern India.


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