AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc.

Proclaiming the Good News of
Jesus Christ in the Global South

Gospel Mission Ministries presently consists of six churches, with a combined average weekly attendance of approximately 600. Each church is shepherded by a local pastor. According to evangelist-pastor Geofrey Muyanja, this ministry’s vision is (in his words) “to reach out to as many people as possible with the word of God, so that they can be saved, come to church, be taught the word of God, be baptized, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and reach out to others.” Gospel Mission Ministries also provides, when possible, food and clothing to the “scrap boys” of Kampala, homeless orphans who live on the streets and survive by eating from “scrap” bins. Geofrey and his wife, Lydia, have four children.



Gospel Mission Ministries, Uganda (east Africa) is led by evangelist-pastor Geofrey Muyanja. Pastor Muyanja has spent many years traveling throughout Uganda and neighboring countries, and to “any other country where the door is opened,” preaching the good news about Jesus Christ. Having no vehicle of his own, Geofrey travels by bus, on the back of hired motorcycles and on foot to bring the Gospel to remote jungle areas of northern Uganda, areas still influenced

by witch doctors and inhabited by dangerous guerilla groups―including the satanic Lord’s Resistance Army―who foment chaos and bring rape, death and destruction to the remote villages of Uganda.


Geofrey and his team use an innovative approach to evangelism. In addition to preaching and street evangelism, the team goes throughout the local village or town, spraying huts and houses for bugs. While one team member sprays for bugs, another team member presents the good news about Jesus to the household.

Geofrey and his team conduct monthly evangelistic campaigns throughout Uganda, often in remote areas of the country. Local villagers receive our evangelistic resources, while local pastors reeive a free copy of our pastor training manual, "The Christian Doctrine of God."

Partner with us in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in the remotest areas of Uganda.