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*Final Exam*

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Students are required to demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter of this course by successfully completing a final exam. The final exam consists of true-false, multiple choice and other types of questions that do not require a significant amount of writing. The exam must be taken online through the internet. Other arrangements may be made if necessary.


Practice exams are provided to help you prepare for the final exam. We encourage you to take the "practice" exams so that you will be better prepared for the final exam. Practice exams are provided as study aids. You are not required to pass the practice exams. They are provided to help you determine your readiiness for the final exam.


When you pass the final exam, you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement for the course completed. The Certificate will show that you have demonstrated knowledge and comprehension of subject matter.


Certificates of Achievement are intended to foster a healthy sense of pride and accomplishment, both for the church leaders and students who earn them and for the congregations they serve.


Course 101 The Christian Doctrine of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Everything needed to complete this course can be accessed from this page.

Below are links to the required readings for this course.

The Christian Doctrine of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit (38 pages)


God is Love: An Introduction to the Holy Trinity (five pages)


What Does It Mean to Say, "God is Love?" (five pages)


God is Love: A Father Eternally Loving His Son (seven pages)


The Doctrine of God and Male-Female Relationships in Christianity and Islam (seven pages)


This link will take you to the video page for this course. You are required to watch or listen to all videos provided for this course.

Welcome to our course on the Christian Doctrine of God, sponsored by AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. (USA). In this course, you will learn about the loving God who reveals himself in the Holy Bible as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

The Christian “Doctrine of the Holy Trinity” arose from the early Church’s worship and experience of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Doctrine of the Trinity is the proper foundation for preaching, discipleship, evangelism and missions. As we learn more about the God who reveals himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we will better understand that the “gospel of Jesus Christ” is truly “good news” for the whole world.  

We are happy to have you as a student in our Academy of Bible and Theology. We pray that this course will be a blessing to you and your ministry.

Practice Exams

These exams will allow you to test your knowledge as you prepare for the final exam.


For better learning, we suggest you take all three practice exams.


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