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AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. grew out my personal encounters with pastors, missionaries, evangelists and their families in east Africa, as well as from several years of ongoing communication with ministries in south Asia, particulary the Philippines, India and Pakistan.


Thoughout the Global South, dedicated pastors, evangelists and missionaries bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to slums, remote jungle or mountainous regions, and other areas under-represented by major Christian denominations. Many serve at great risk in predominantly Muslim regions.


Many pastors in the Global South serve congregations whose members earn less than two dollars a day (often less than one dollar a day). Thus, these poor congregations are unable to provide adequate support to the ministers who serve them.


Moreover, these small, independent ministries receive no support from major denominations or global charities such as Samaritan's Purse or World Vision. Therefore, these faithful servants of Jesus Christ, and their families, struggle daily to meet their basic needs for  food, shelter, clothing and medical care.



These ministries, however, are vital to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Global South. In addition, the churches they have planted are vitally important to the life of the local community. In the Global South, where hardship and suffering are widespread, the local church, no matter how modest or poorly-equipped, is a well-spring of life and hope.


AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. was founded in the hope and with the intention of offering material assistance and free educational resources to these worthy servants of Jesus Christ, in order to assist them as they continue to proclaim the Gospel of life and hope to the poor of the Global South.­


Rev. Dr. Martin M. Davis, (Ph.D.)

Founder & President

AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc.