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The Servant-Heart of God


In his life of service to others, Jesus Christ reveals the Father's heart. In pouring out his life in service to others, the Son of God reveals that the heart of God is the heart of a Servant.

Christology: The Doctrine of Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ is the key to understanding God, the world and humanity. He is the central figure of human history. He is also the central figure of the Holy Bible. The Old Testament anticipates, or points toward, the coming of the Son of God in the flesh. The New Testment reflects upon the meaning of his coming. It is important for Christian leaders to understand who Jesus Christ is. He is the fully divine Son of God and the fully human son of the Virgin Mary. As God and humanity united in the person of the Son of God, Jesus Christ is the Lord and Saviour of the whole world. 




God with Us

Jesus Christ is "Immanuel," "God with Us." In Jesus, God has reconciled the world to himself. In Jesus, we see the revelation of God. God's loving ways toward the world are revealed in the loving heart of Jesus.

The Incarnation

God is With Us

In the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Son of God becomes "man," and lives among us. Because he knows both the joy and sorrow of our lives, he is our sympathetic High Priest.

He Walked in Our Shoes


The eternal Son of God did not become "man" only to die on the cross for our sins. He came to live his entire life for us and to include us in his life of perfect righteousnes, faith and obedience.

He Meets Us at Our Worst

At the cross, the Son of God meets humanity at its worst. In the face of our evil and brutality, Jesus reveals how much God loves us.

Grace and Response:

A Matter of Order!

What is the relationship between grace and Law? Is obedience a requirement for grace, or is obedience the appropriate response to grace? This article addressess the proper relatonship between grace and response

The Cross of Christ:

Revelation of God's Love

The coss of Christ is the great symbol of God's love for everyone. On the cross, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, took away the sin of the world.

This teaching manual is made for individual and group study. With this manual, people in small villages and towns may gather together to study, worship and pray in the name of Jesus Christ. If you have no pastor or priest, you can use this manual to start your own church in your village or town. Ask your family, friends and neighbours to study with you. Jesus said, "Whenever two or three gather in my name, I am with you." You can be sure that Jesus is with you in the power of the Holy Spirit when you gather together to study, worship and pray in his name.

The King and the Kingdom:
The Good News of Jesus Christ

cross and ccrown (3)

Here are  more teachings to help you "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18).

The Humility of God

On the cross of Christ, we see the suffering Saviour who identifies with our plight by enduring scorn, ridicule, shame, abuse, and horrendous torture for our salvation. At the cross, we see one who loves us with such determined, unwavering passion that he pours himself out in utter self-surrender so that, through his death and resurrection, he might share his eternal life with humanity.

Jesus in the
Old Testament:

The Pre-history of the Incarnation

A Window into

the Heart of God

This article is included in the material on the Holy Trinity. It is a lengthy introduction to incarnational-Trinitarian theo-ology. It includes material covered in other articles on this website.


On the Incarnation

Athanasius (4th C.)  is one of the great fathers of Church history. His famous work, "On the Incarnation," is one of the finest works ever written on the incarnation of Jesus Christ. 


NOTE: This article may be difficult for those whose first language is not English.