AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc.

Proclaiming the Good News of
Jesus Christ in the Global South

Adopting a ministry or church is an excellent way for individuals, small groups and churches to assist pastors, evangelists, missionaries and their families in their vitally important work in the Global South. A donation of $50 to $75 per month can make a significant difference in the quallity of life of these dedicated servants of Jesus Christ.


Not only can your group help these hard-working ministerial families meet their basic needs but also you can help their congregations and churches. By supplying building materials (e.g., wood siding, tin sheets for roofing) you facilitate the construction of community churches that may serve as the spiritual and social centers of a small, rural communities.


In addition, by adopting a ministry, your group may assist small ministries in the Global South in their efforts to feed and clothe widows and orphans in their communites, many of whom live in filth and squalor in make-shift dwellings in the local garbage dump.


AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. is happy to assist your group or church in establishing a working relationship with a ministry in east Africa or south Asia. There is no charge or fee for this service.

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Your small group or church can provide


financial assistance to a struggling pastoral family. $50 to $75 per month makes a real difference in helping these families meet their basic needs.


building materials such as wood siding and tin sheets to help build new churches in rural communites.


microfinancing to start income producing small businesses for widows with children.

Adopt a Ministry