AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc.

Proclaiming the Good News of
Jesus Christ in the Global South
Our Vision


AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. grew out my personal encounters with pastors, missionaries, evangelists and their families in east Africa, as well as from several years of ongoing communication with ministries in south Asia, particularly the Philippines, India and Pakistan.


In the Global South, dedicated pastors, evangelists and missionaries bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to slums, remote jungle and mountainous regions, and other areas under-represented by major Christian denominations. Many serve at great risk in predominantly Muslim regions.


Many pastors in the Global South, however, lack formal training in biblical studies and theology. Because they serve poor congregations, whose members exist on less than two dollars

a day, these dedicated servants of God lack the financial resources to attend Bible college or seminary. Many of these pastors cannot afford books. In addition, most do not have computers that would allow them to access educational resources on the worldwide web.


To that end, AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc. regularly produces and freely distributes biblical-theological resources, both written and spoken, for these needy pastors in the Global South. Our primary resource for pastors is our training manual, "The Christian Doctrine of God." This 38-page manual lays a solid Trintarian-incarnational foundation to enable pastors to understand God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, an eternal fellowship of love who created us to share the life, joy and beauty that is eternally their's. This manual has been translated into Kiswahili (east Africa) and Telugu (south India). Translation into other languages is ongoing. In addition, we are currently producing a second training manual entitled, "Jesus and the Kingdom of God," scheduled for initial distribution by Fall, 2017. This manual is designed for private and group study, so that it may benefit not only pastors, but also those in remote areas who have no local pastor or priest.


Finally, AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc, equips pastors, missionaries and evangelists in the Global South with evangelistic resources to assist them in proclaiming "the good news of the Father's love for all as revealed in Jesus and the sending of the Spirit." There is a rapidly growing demand for these resources. We need your help so that we may reach more people in the Global South with the positive, joyful, hopeful message that is the good news of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Dr. Martin M. Davis (Ph.D.)
Founder & President
AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc.

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Dr. Davis is an ordained minister, teacher and writer. He travels regularly to east Africa and south Asia, where he teaches and preaches in conferences for pastors, evangelists and other church leaders. He is an adjunct professor with Greenwich School of Theology/North-West University (S.A.). His wife, Sara is  a retired 6th grade teacher. Sara is a dedicated supporter of AsiAfrica Ministries, Inc.

Pastor Jerome Ellard, shown with his wife, Helen, is Senior Pastor of New Beginnings Christian Fellowship, Big Sandy, Texas. In addition to their work with AsiAfrcia Ministries, Inc., Jerome and Helen are involved in the mission field in Mexico.

Rev. Susan Sanborn, shown here on mission to Zambia, is a retired teacher and nurse. Susan and her husband Glen, a former military attorney now in private practice, served in the United States military for many years in several countries.

Ken Courtney is President of Sun-Pine Corp. He is an ordained minister with several years experience in serving on the Boards of Directors of various international Christian ministries.

We are an independent ministry serving Christians of all denominations and church traditions

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